Ecopra Fuel Saver

The Ecopra Comburator

ECOPRA is a new revolutionary concept in fuel economy and pollution reduction for all internal combustion motors.
Once the ECOPRA fuel economiser is installed correctly on your vehicle, effects will usually be noticed immediately, sometimes improving progressively up to the optimal level possible.
This will happen normally and no special driving conditions are required.
There are two means by which the ECOPRA device will save you money whilst reducing polluting emissions from your engine.
First the ECOPRA device will produce savings with no changes in your driving technique.  Secondly, one of the effects you will probably notice is an increase in engine torque and this improvement in performance will allow an amelioration in economic driving techniques that were previously not possible. Moving up through the gears from a standstill can be achieved smoothly at lower engine speeds. In fact your engine will cruise comfortably at lower speed for any selected gear ratio.
Of course there is nothing new about achieving fuel savings by implementing supple driving techniques, but combining these with the effects of the ECOPRA fuel economiser will produce results significantly greater than could normally be achieved.
In addition to saving you money you will also be contributing to the effort to reduce vehicle emission related pollution.
Carbon Dioxide emissions are reduced in proportion to fuel use. This is because CO2 emissions are intrinsically linked to fuel economy… 10% less fuel means 10% less CO2.
Nitrous Oxide and particle matter emissions will be significantly reduced in diesel motors and CO (Carbon Monoxide) emissions in petrol driven vehicles can be reduced by up to 80%.
We don't believe in making exaggerated claims of efficiency, but a generally reported figure for most vehicles is an 8 to 12% improvement in fuel economy.
On older vehicles this figure may be significantly greater, particularly in the case of particle emissions on older diesel engines.
These figures will vary from one vehicle to another depending on a variety of variables such as engine wear, age and type, driving style, load, speed, etc.
Fuel economy on older engines can also be significantly higher than the averages quoted.
Of course sensible and safe driving practice should be used at all times.

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The device can be fitted to all types of internal combustion engines, whatever the fuel.

Works with diesel, petrol, gas, multiple, hybrid, it does not alter the manufacturers engine characteristics.

  • Simple, novel, responsible fuel saving
  • 5th generation model, the result of 10 years research and development
  • Quick and easy to fit, requires no modifications to your engine
  • Made from high-grade stainless steel
  • Ecological, economical and no power source required
  • Over 18,000 in daily use

Ecopra Fuel Saver

How It Works

The ECOPRA COMBURATOR regulates the air consumed in the combustion process. The advantages of the system are produced by the nano humidification of a percentage of the air required for combustion of the fuel.


The effects of the regulation of the air quality on the combustion process are immediate. The engine becomes quieter and increased torque will be observed. An increase in torque translates to less fuel injected per cycle and less pollution. CO2 will be reduced proportionally and NOx may be reduced by up to 80%.
Particle emissions on diesels will be reduced and the characteristic black smoke plume sometimes disappears altogether.
Average reported fuel savings are 10%, although this will vary according to engine and fuel. Significantly higher figures have been reported on older vehicles.
Engine power will not be changed, but efficiency will be improved.

Operating Principle

The ECOPRA fuel economiser acts on a percentage of the air entering the combustion cylinders. This air enters the motor by the depression cycle of the pistons and joins the airstream before the air filter. There is no possible contamination as the air filter is designed to remove all undesirable contaminants before it enters the combustion process. This is required not only to protect the motor, but also the highly sensitive air volume measuring sensors used in todays modern direct injection engines.


The device is manufactured in Europe and is made of stainless steel. It requires no external source of power, is entirely recyclable and is not fitted to the vehicle in a permanent manner.
It can be easily removed and installed on a different vehicle if required by the owner.