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About Ecolotec

ECOLOTEC is building a catalogue of truly ecological solutions.
Practical product based solutions for environmental issues.


Science that deals with the relations of organisms
to one another and their environment


Able to be reached or approached


The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes

Company Philosophy

We only have one planet on which to live.
Human activity may not be the only cause of environmental pollution and perhaps not even the most significant, but it is the only one we can influence.
We believe that if we are to survive as a species, we have to change our behaviour toward the environment in which we live.
Many of us could benefit from considering minor modifications in behaviour, which although insignificant in themselves, when multiplied by billions of individuals can have a significant effect.
As technology advances we may find new methods to help limit our environmental impact, but all too often the commercial imperative hides an undesirable element of the offering. We at Ecolotec believe significant advances in pollution reduction are possible using relatively simple existing technology.
We are not against the evolution of complex technology, although a critical examination of the processes sometimes reveals that they create as much pollution than they claim to reduce.
Most current hydrogen vehicle technology and electric cars are an example…we have just changed the location of the chimney!


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Earth from space
Ecolotec exists to promote the application of simple effective technology with the aim of solving some of the issues posed to our environment by human activity.
We do not advocate austerity or a return to the middle ages. Cars and computers are almost certainly here to stay, but we could build better cleaner and greener ones.
Ecolotec is engaged in reviewing and testing the products it recommends to provide solutions that work and have minimal negative environmental impact. We will not make spurious claims or sell snake oil.
We recommend only superior quality products which will stand the test of time as well as being ultimately recyclable.

Ecolotec recommends products which represent value for money. This may not always be the least expensive solution, but we believe it is the best. Some of them are available in our online shop.