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Welcome To The Ecolotec Website

This site is an evolving catalogue for ecologically responsible solutions.
ECOLOTEC is committed to verifying the ecological & social impact of the companies and products we represent.

Our Solutions


Biotrem packs


ECOLOTEC is the sole UK distributor for the BIOTREM range of innovative biodegradable disposable tableware. BIOTREM products are produced in a modern eco responsible manufacturing facility in the EU. Learn more and see the videos on the BIOTREM page.

Colloid Silver and Gold

Colloidal Silver & Gold

Mesosilver Colloid Silver is the only true colloid silver available in the UK.
Has the highest ratio of weight-to-surface area of any colloid product available in the UK. Purest Colloids are the only true colloid available in the UK today and is the best colloid silver available anywhere.



Ecolotec is representing the French company ECOPRA in the United Kingdom.
The ECOPRA range of fuel saving devices that are compatible with all diesel and petrol engines, no matter how large or small, can be seen on the Transport page.
More miles less fuel.

Do Eat

Edible Food Packaging

ECOLOTEC will be launching The Do Eat range of edible sandwich wraps and verrines at the Pro2 Pac and IFE show at the Excel Centre in London 19th to the 22nd of March.



Cash Investigation

IKEA - an eco-responsible brand?

The French investigative team Cash Investigation trace the origins of banal piece of furniture from the largest buyer of wood in the world, and discover some astonishing ecological travesties.
An intelligent and thorough piece of reporting, unfortunately only available in French.

BioTrem products
Vidar Helgesen

A taste for Biotrem

Vidar Helgesen is the Norwegian Minister of Climate and the Environment.

Ecolotec is a web based company sourcing ecologically sound products worldwide with a bias toward European manufacture our distribution depot is located in High Wycombe.
You may contact us by telephone or by using the web-form on the contact page.