Biotrem - Biodegradable Tableware

The BIOTREM range of innovative biodegradable tableware is available from Golden Buzzer Ltd. Tel +44(0) 7912 220123.
BIOTREM disposable products are produced in a modern eco-responsible manufacturing facility in the EU. It is truly innovative biodegradable tableware which did not travel half way across the globe to reach your table. Made from pure European wheat bran, it disappears beneficially into the environment in 30 days.

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They are so natural you can even eat them, we don't recommend this without seasoning, though!
The plates do not bend, like paper or plastic, and are resistant to microwave and oven cooking up to 200°C and can be frozen.

Recyclable plate and cutleryThey will withstand hot liquid thick soups for up to 30 minutes and hot thin soups for about 20 minutes.
They have a low carbon footprint of 1.3 to 1.6 g Co2/Kg.
Biotrem plates and bowls are great for parties or outside catering events, or even when you simply don’t fancy washing up.
Biotrem Plates and bowls are available in retail packs of 10 in our web shop (coming soon). They are also available in catering packs of 100, for the HoReCa industry.

Further information is available on the HoReCa page.

People with a gluten allergy should not use this product, but use may be possible for those with an intolerance as long as they do not eat the plate.