Discover our range of Do-Eat 100% edible creative food wraps and containers.
Do-Eat has created verrine-style food containers and wraps that you can eat with their contents!
Our healthy and ecological products will surprise you with their quality and user-friendliness. Let originality inspire you.
For a crunchy taste, you can put the edible packaging directly in the grill with its contents.
They can be used for hot or cold recipes.

Gluten free and suitable for vegetarian & vegans.

Thanks to their neutral taste, you can fill your Do Eat verrines with salted or sweetened foods. The container has no taste. It takes the one of the preparation that it contains. You can unleash your imagination. Put all the preparations with or without sauces, mousses, hot dishes, cold dishes.
The Do Eat products are made in Belgium only with water and potatoes. Their characteristics make them really healthy and low in calories.

  • No additions
  • No salt, no sugar
  • No fats
  • No trace of nuts
  • Convenient for vegetarians
  • Kosher product
  • 3,7 kcal/verrine

Do Eat products can be kept for six months. An expiry date is shown on the package.
Keep in a fresh and dry place.

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